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Chadderton escort agencies may be the new modelling agents, according to the latest stats and figures anyway. Most people will read that with mouths agape, shocked by the very thought. The key word there is most: 20 years ago it would have been all. You see, escort work is becoming gradually more acceptable. The Chadderton escorts themselves are no longer demonized as whores and harlots, because the concept of what the work entails has changed radically. There was a time where selling your companionship would make you the lowest of the low, and there was no chance that anyone would admit to it, yet alone be proud of it. Girls wouldn’t aspire to be in that industry, and they certainly wouldn’t tell their parents about what was going on. Nowadays, being ashamed of it is what’s odd, and many Chadderton escorts take a lot of pride in their work. And so they should, seeing as what they’re doing is perfectly fine and reasonable, and certainly nothing that they need to worry about. 

It’s the youth that seem to have inherited the desire to try this new form of employment. Maybe it’s because they don’t have the same unfortunate stigmas that many suffer from when it comes to Chadderton escorts. One thing that I’ve noticed is that many of these girls don’t consider what they do to be “dirty”. It’s an intriguing change, and one that is slowly and surely being reflected in society as a whole. The connotations of the word surely have their roots in society’s past, when religion was more central to the concept of life. According to these teachings sex, and thus everything associated with it (like Chadderton escorts), is forbidden and not considered clean. Hence dirty, a word that created the impression that what people was doing was wrong. As society has freed itself from such troublesome yokes, sex has become less of a forbidden passion and more a thrilling part of everyday life. Chadderton escorts have gone from sinful madams to girls that everyone seems to love. It’s an intriguing change and one that I, as a man who is enamoured with such babes, find fascinating. 

The thing I do wonder though, is whether or not we are losing something. Don’t get me wrong, enjoying time with Chadderton escorts is still utterly amazing. I couldn’t live without my fresh supply of lovely ladies, there’s just no other babe that can make me feel the same intense pleasures on such a consistent basis. Even so, I miss the forbidden aspect. As a man who has visited many escort agencies in the past 30 years or so, I know a thing or two about girls. I remember when it used to be intensely secretive and discreet. You would meet under the cover of darkness and usher her in quickly before anyone saw. These days, my neighbour isn’t averse to asking on my opinion on the best girls around at that moment. In many ways this is great, I want men to be able to see Chadderton escorts without having to worry about things like gossip and judgement. I want to live in a world where sex is recognised as natural and enjoyable and, well, beautiful. I think that many of the lovely ladies that I happen to visit would agree with me on that, as would most people.

Even so, it felt kind of good to be sneaking around with Chadderton escorts. There’s something actually rather good about being bad, as counterintuitive as that seems. I liked the thrill of being caught, I liked the idea that what I was doing was forbidden in some way. Being naughty is rather fun and is something that’s hard to replicate without that risk. Nowadays, it’s just a bit bland and ordinary. That makes it sound awfully dull, and is very bad phrasing on my part, but even still. I think no one can explain the old thrill of sexuality and Chadderton escorts better than The Rocky Horror Show song Toucha Toucha Touch me: I wanna be dirty!

You want that little bit of forbidden darkness, that animal urge and instinct. I don’t want to kiss my escort at the station like she’s my wife, I don’t want to have to worry about romance or sophistry. I want to rip her clothes and have her right there. Against the wall. Hard. Fast. Messy and awkward, and unrestrained. I want her to feel like she’s a slut and I want her to enjoy it. The same goes for me. I want to know that what I’m doing is oh so wrong, and yet oh so right. I want sex to be incredibly base, and thus incredibly beautiful. Instead I find Chadderton escorts who just can’t seem to grasp it. They’ve come from a generation where fucking is completely and utterly acceptable. Some of them talk to their parents about the details of their job. One girl even mentioned that she and her sister worked at the same escort agency.

I thought I was in heaven: two girls means double the pleasure, and sisters means a sort of conflicted, brooding sexual relationship which was sure to leave me utterly exhausted. Instead, they were both entirely nonchalant about it. I wanted the chemistry, the passion, the emotions. I was tempted to throw them both off of me and cry out like some vexed director: no! Once more, with feeling!

Of course, the very best Chadderton escorts are the best actresses. They know how to appeal to a man’s innate desire to dominate and how to play with role reversal. They know how to flutter their eyelids, to look bashful, to blush and say they’re not sure, then beg for more a minute later. They know how to push all of the buttons, to make a men weak with desire and lust and passion. That is the true nature of Chadderton escorts, not the overtly clinical product that many escort agencies seem to want to push on us nowadays. My advice: take your time and find a quality girl, one that understands what it is that you want, and how to get you there. It’s worth the effort!